Your experience holding the Truke BTG X1 wireless earphones

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Truke BTG X1 wireless earphones:-Since I was concerned about the quality, I haven’t purchased from them in a very long time. However, I agreed when Truke asked me to test out one of their newest TWS earbuds to see how it felt to use such a device.

The business sent me their recently released Truke BTG X1 model. Truke BTG X1 stands for “Born to Game” for those who are unaware. For mobile gaming, Truke has created a pair of wireless earbuds.

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I don’t enjoy playing games. As a result, I only used the product as necessary. Since the price is so low, even those who don’t play games would buy them, the majority of users will act in the same way. For the most recent updates, visit ComingSoonNews on our website.

The Truke BTG X1 has an official price of $1,499 ($18). However, you can frequently buy it for just 999 ($12).

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Let me now share my thoughts on the product after getting that out of the way. Before I continue, I want the readers to be aware that neither Truke nor anybody else had access to this article’s early draught.

Premium Sliding Design

Experience with the Truke BTG X1

It appears to be a stone and is black.

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The lid features the Truke emblem and is simple to open and close with one hand. There is a sticker with the rules at the bottom.

There are 20 RGB LED lights around the lid. An LED light in the form of an X is located on the front. Even the right-side earbud features a little RGB LED light.

These lights turn on and off as you open and close the case. Unfortunately, you can’t alter how these lights appear.

The earbuds have the Truke name on them yet have the appearance of AirPods. You don’t get silicone tips because they don’t cover your ears.

Both the casing and the buds are lightweight. The earbuds don’t seem to be there. They are comfortable to wear and fit my ears perfectly. Anyway, everyone has different hearing, so your experience can be different from mine.

Despite having a great appearance, the product is poorly manufactured, which is reasonable given its cost.

The sound is the same way. Regarding the mics, I could make the same claim. Strangely, to hear, the buds must be turned up to 70% or more.

Truke Experience

The fact that there were so many options made it difficult to use the touch controls on the earbuds. The touch controls cannot be turned off either. I was consequently frequently touched unintentionally.

The fact that these inexpensive earphones can connect to your phone is their best feature. I experienced neither connection loss nor audio delays.

I used the earbuds for around 6-7 hours before needing to recharge them. There are enough for two films or five to six TV programmes.

Do you intend to purchase the Truke BTG X1 then? How much you’re willing to spend will determine that. I have no problem endorsing the device if you can purchase it for $999.

However, at 1,499, you ought to think about substitutes like the Oppo Enco Buds, which range in price from 1500 to 1800.

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