Launched by Xiaomi is a lipstick-shaped power bank with a 5000mAh 20W battery


Today, the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi conducted a launch event where it presented a range of items specifically geared toward women because of their preferred design aesthetics. While the Xiaomi Civi 2 smartphone is the major draw, a second intriguing device was also released: the Xiaomi Lipstick Power bank.

Priced at 129 yuan, the new power bank is a reasonably priced charging gadget (). It has a gradient colour scheme and a 5000mAh battery packed inside. It can therefore be transported on a plane. The svelte power bank measures 30.6mm in width and weighs 127g. It may also be easily utilised anyplace and carried about in a little shoulder bag.

This new product has a very striking appearance as well. The exterior shell is composed of matte UV technology, while the inside shell is created with a gentle blue-pink gradient. You wouldn’t be mistaken if you described it as a young women’s fashion accessory.

The Xiaomi Lipstick Power Bank can sustain a maximum output power of 20W depending on arrangement. Utilizing the power bank, the recently released Xiaomi Civi 2 can receive an extra 80% of its power. Additionally, it charges the iPhone 13 swiftly, going from 0% to 43% in just 30 minutes.

A built-in intelligent identification chip in the power bank may also automatically match the current needed by the device. This will allow it to accommodate the charging requirements of many mobile phone, tablet, and low-current device brands.

The Xiaomi Lipstick Power Bank includes a built-in Type-C interface that supports two-way fast charging, has a 13.5W input, and comes with a charging cable. In roughly 1.5 hours, the charging wire can reach full self-charging capacity.

The new product uses 21700 power cells for safety, which include protections against temperature, short circuits, RESETs, input overvoltage/overcurrent, and output overcurrent/overvoltage, among others.


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