In order to address a Wi-Fi bug and ad-related concerns, Apple released iOS 16.1.1

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Apple has released iOS 16.1.1 update to address WiFi problem. based on iPhone users. This version had a number of improvements and bug fixes. Customers of Apple have voiced frustration with Wi-Fi connections after updating their iPhones. Additionally, it appears that marketers had trouble comprehending the specifics of the commercials they filed. Apple is allegedly working on an update for iOS 16.1.1 to solve these issues. For additional information, visit comingsoonnews.

A source claims that there are numerous complaints about iOS 16.1.1 causing iPhones to lose Wi-Fi connectivity on Twitter and Reddit. Some iPhone owners reported that when their devices were in sleep mode, their Wi-Fi disconnected. Furthermore, a few of them asserted that it was impossible to reset all of the network settings on their iPhones.

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The Cupertino-based company released SKAdNetwork 4.0 with iOS 16.1 last month. This makes it possible for marketers to gather comprehensive performance data. This made it possible for marketers to evaluate the success of their advertising based on the number of app downloads brought on by particular ad campaigns.


It has been asserted that the status page of the company now has new information on these issues. The American tech firm is reportedly working on an upgrade to fix the issue with SKAdNetwork, its advertising platform.

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According to the website, the issue, which began on November 3 and is “ongoing,” has affected some users. “There is a problem affecting SKAdNetwork for iOS 16.1 clients,” the company stated. “We are developing a software upgrade to address this issue right away.”

According to reports, Apple’s iOS 16.2 beta is currently being distributed worldwide. In India, a few iPhones can now connect to 5G networks.

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The iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 series, and iPhone SE 2 are at this time 5G network compatible in India. Notably, until Apple releases the final version of the beta software, no iPhone user can use 5G.

Additionally, the Cupertino Corporation’s upgrade is a beta version intended for developers. According to this, Apple-registered developers would only be allowed to test 5G for research purposes.

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