Lacey Amour Said She Was Only Trying to Do her Job

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Who is the star of the Lacey Amour video that went viral online?

A similar event happened with a model who, in spite of her refusal to take responsibility, is being sued by the hotel where she made her video.

Stay tuned as we discuss the Lacey Amour affair. Due to her argument with hotel management, in which she refutes the accusations made against her, Lacey Amour, a @dlt model, is in the headlines. As previously mentioned, Lacey works as a model for @dlt video and is paid. Visit for more details.

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Lacey asserted that the hotel sent them a legal notice warning them that if they disobeyed the hotel’s rules and regulations, legal action would be taken against them.

The hotel wants to sue Lacey, despite the fact that she taped all of her e*pli@it footage in a single room. Lacey is shocked by this. She talks on how, despite being the oldest industry in the world, her trade is still subject to unfair criticism and harassment.


Lacey Amour: who is she?

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Even though she is well-known for being a @dlt model and active online, not everyone will be interested in her work. While it is true that not many people enjoy the work of @dlt actresses, it cannot be denied that the work of child actresses is more well-liked.

This is exactly what Lacey Amour is going to say. She and her crew reportedly shot all of the footage in their individual rooms, not outdoors.

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At order to stay in the Travelodge in New Castle’s Cobalt Business Park, Lacey and her 27 crew members checked in on December 12th, 2022.

Hotel staff claimed to have seen the crew recording fits in the waiting area after Lacey and her crew checked in, and they also claimed to have seen them filming prngr@phy in the guest room.

Selfie Lacey

Contrarily, Lacey asserts that she and her crew were filming in the guestrooms they rented for the night for about $43 each until getting kicked out of yet another hotel room when the staff learned they were doing so.

The hotel where the model and her entourage stayed had four rooms set aside for them. The model also claimed that they knew the families who were staying in the hotel and that they waited until they had checked out before filming.

Despite being the oldest industry, Lacey says that her sector faces pushback as a result of their initiatives. Even though Lacey said she was merely trying to perform her job, the hotel claimed they had no idea they were filming p*rngr@phic material and threatened to sue the model and crew if any of their rules were broken.

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