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Who is Rida Isfahani? Discover her height, age, husband, and boyfriend.

Rida Isfahani’s Response to Her Private Video That Went Viral: Rida is a beautiful, passionate model and actress from Pakistan. She was born in Karachi on November 26, 1992. She went to the Beacon House School system in Karachi when she was young. Fans want to know what Rida Isfahani thinks about her private video that has gone viral. This article tells us about Rida Isfahani Reacts to Her Private Viral Video, who she is, her wiki, age, husband, height, and boyfriend.

Rida Isfahani Wiki

She is one of the theatre world’s rising stars. She made a name for herself in the entertainment business in a short amount of time. Anyone who meets her falls in love with her beauty and charm. Because of this, she has a massive number of fans all over the world. Rida has a great personality and looks like a child. Isfahani is well-known as both an actress and a model. She was born in Karachi on September 26, 1992. She went to the Beacon House School system in Karachi when she was young.

Rida Isfahani Age

In the year 2022, Rida Isfahani will be 29 years old. She is a Pakistani actress who is on the rise. She is an outstanding actress who works hard. Rida has made a name for herself as a leading actress on TV and with the public. Her work as a good model and well-known actress will bring her to the top of her career.

Rida Isfahani Height

As a lead actress, this diva must be in good shape and tall. Because she works out and eats well, and because she lives healthily, she is good at physics. Her healthy diet helps her keep the same weight and stay in shape. Rida Isfahani weighs 53 Kilograms and is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Rida Isfahani Husband

Rida’s fans are always interested in whether or not she is in a relationship. Those who follow Rida Isfahani know that this beautiful actress got married. Those who don’t know about her wedding, though: The wedding took place on April 8, 2019. We don’t know much about her husband, which is a shame. We only see the name of the husband, which is Salman Sheikh. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear something about her husband.

Who Is Rida Isfahan?

Rida Isfahani is a model and actress from Pakistan who is charming and active. Rida Isfahani started her career as a model when she was 16 years old in 2018. She was soon seen in many Pakistani brands. She began as a good model and then moved into TV dramas. “Roag,” which starred Asif Raza Mir, Shagufta Ejaz, and Faisal Qureshi, was her first drama. The play is based on the same-named Urdu novel and is about how people treat children in society. “Muhabbat Hamsafar Meri,” a popular family drama on TV One, has Rida as one of the lead actresses. The show also stars Kamran Jilani, Faiq Khan, and Suzain Fatima.

Rida Isfahani talks about her private video that went viral.

Rida Isfahani talks about her private video

According to information on the internet, her fans were upset and traumatised in November 2016 when nak*ed videos from her phone leaked. People and the media were shocked by what she said. Someone close to her, like a DOP or her fiance, did it. Rida’s fiance broke her trust and used her pictures without her permission. Rida Isfahani first talked about it in Nadir Ali’s podcast. She told him about it because she knows that he likes women. Rida said, “Well, my fiance broke my trust; he wasn’t a member of my faith.” I got my parents to like him.

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