When the iPhone 14 Pro is turned on, Apple wants the negative area between the two cutouts to be pure black

The September 7 release date of Apple’s newest flagship iPhone 14 series is just six days away. Two non-Pro and two pro iPhone 14 pro models are anticipated to be part of the range. The latter is reported to have a revised notch, complete with a hole-punch and pill-shaped cuts, according to leaks and rumours.

The dual cutouts on the display of the iPhone 14 Pro may now combine to form a single, long pill-shaped cutout, according to the most recent development, as reported by MacRumours quoting an unnamed tipster. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also confirmed the information.

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It is claimed that Foxconn employees, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners participating in the production of the iPhone 14 Pro, are the source of the rumour concerning the most recent development. The Pro models will include a punch-hole cutout next to a pill-shaped cutout on the left side, as was previously indicated. They will be separated by a little area. Apple’s facial recognition technology and a front camera sensor will fit in the cutouts.

iPhone 14 Pro

When the screen is turned on, the two cutouts will combine to form a single, wide pill-shaped cutout, according to MacRumors. The pixels from the empty region of the panel appear to have been disabled by Apple.

According to the rumour, the spaces in between the cutouts will be used to display privacy indicators that debuted with iOS 14. It will display the active use of the device’s microphone and camera (represented by green and orange dots, respectively). Bloomberg’s Gurman added that the wide pill-shaped cutout will be less intrusive while viewing material and that the separation would appear unusual when in use.

The source for MacRumours also claims that a change to the camera arrangement is anticipated. Other options will be found below the cutout, while the flash and live photo buttons will be in the status bar. While receiving notifications, the extended cutout might also display pixels.

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