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What was the cause of death for Vicky Phelan? Campaigner for Cervical Cancer Dies at 48

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Campaigner for Cervical Cancer Dies at Age 48: Social media is awash with postings paying tribute to and remembering Vicky Phelan. Many people have voiced their worries about Vicky and questioned what would have occurred if she had remained alive. Vicky has led the effort to raise awareness of cervical cancer. Phelan passed away at the Milford Hospice in Limerick, Pennsylvania, early on November 14, 2022, in the United States of America.

The movie “Vicky” had to be released recently. The film demonstrated how challenging and exciting it was for Vicky Phelan to go through the course of therapy and the full process of battling the test lab that had provided her with the false information that she was not afflicted with any sickness.

What was the cause of death for Vicky Phelan?

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Vicky Phelan led the effort to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Vicky received a cervical cancer diagnosis in 2014. Vicky Phelan’s battle to beat cervical cancer was arduous. Vicky allegedly underwent an extremely harmful examination in the year 2011 that determined there was nothing abnormal about her body. Three years after the year 2011, an audit by the name of CervialCheck revealed that Vicky Phelan’s smear test was false.


Vicky Phelan fought for her rights from the Clinical Pathology Labs of the United States of America in the High Court action for 2.5 million Euro with the admission of liabilities in the month of April 2018. Many people have found inspiration in her struggle to receive treatment for her tumours and the entire diagnostic process.

Honoring Vicky Phelan

Many times, when we hear about someone’s passing, we have always been so unconcerned because they are only represented by numbers in front of us. But the worst feeling in the world is contemplating the loved ones and friends of those who have passed away. The deceased are the centre of the universe for their surviving family and friends. If we were to apply the same logic to Phelan, we would categorically declare it to be the worst possible scenario.

She was a wonderful person. Vicky Phelan’s soul is in our prayers. For the most recent information on the newest and trendiest news, keep checking ComingSoonNews.

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