What services does Airtel 5G Plus provide for users?

Airtel 5g
Airtel 5g

The advantages of 5G connectivity have been discussed among internet users for a time now. Up to 30 times more speed and the greatest sound quality are now available through Airtel 5G Plus. However, the company’s primary goal is to greatly enhance customer experience by creating technology with the greatest global adoption and the most advanced ecosystem.

Faster downloads and seamless streaming would result from this, and consumers would be able to use their current Airtel 4G SIM cards to get the 5G experience on any smartphone that is 5G-ready. If the service is offered in their city, customers with 5G-capable devices will be able to instantaneously switch.

Gopal Vittal, the managing director and chief executive officer of Bharti Airtel, gave a speech at the Airtel 5G Plus launch “For the past 27 years, Airtel has led the telecom revolution in India. Today marks a new stage in the process as we seek to build the greatest network possible to give our customers the best experience. All of our efforts are centred on serving our consumers.

5G service

In light of this, our solution works with any 5G device and the client’s current SIM card. Our focus on the customer experience has now been expanded to include a 5G solution that is more ecologically friendly. The way people interact, live, work, connect, and play will be completely changed by Airtel 5G Plus in the years to come.”

Now available in India, Airtel 5G Plus provides 20–30X faster speed than the network it replaces

In 8 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Siliguri, Varanasi, and Nagpur, Airtel’s 5G services are being phased-in for consumers. By March 2023, the company also intends to offer its 5G service in other Indian cities, making this one of the swiftest 5G roll-outs. If their city has been added to the 5G service boundary, Airtel subscribers can check the Airtel Thanks App. Customers can also find out from the app whether their smartphone is 5G enabled.

India is currently benefiting from 5G technology thanks to Airtel. The debut of Airtel 5G Plus, which will provide its clients with extremely fast speeds and improved spectrum efficiency, was announced by the telecom service provider.


Leading the Indian 5G revolution is Airtel 5G Plus.

The telecom operator has made a number of significant advancements in the run-up to launching Airtel 5G Plus in the nation. In a first, Airtel showed off the country’s first 5G service in action in Hyderabad.

The great cricketer Kapil Dev engaged in the nation’s first live 5G-powered holographic contact earlier this year on a test network provided by the Department of Telecommunications. Using immersive video technology, the company recreated Dev’s famous 175 not-out innings against Zimbabwe in 1983 in 4k quality for the crowd to view on 5G-capable smartphones.

Other firsts in the 5G build-up included the successful launch of India’s first private test 5G network at a Bosch facility and a cutting-edge 5G-connected ambulance in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals.

5G Plus

Prepare yourself for 5G connectivity.

Airtel 5G Plus is now available for commercial usage, and consumers may use their current 4G SIMs to enable the 5G network if their devices are 5G compatible and the service is available in their city. Given the company’s history of 5G firsts, it should come as no surprise.

There is no end to the experiences customers can expect once 5G services are fully deployed.


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