What Caused the Death of Amelia Pounds? Popular socialite from Nigeria passes away following surgery

Amelia Pounds
Amelia Pounds

I’m writing to let you know that a businesswoman from Nigeria passed away on October 7, 2022, in New Delhi, India, as a result of her complications. The deceased, a Nigerian woman named Amelia Pound, was named in the source’s account. An Indian hospital reported the death of socialist and businessman Amelia Pounds. Due to the virality of Amelia Pounds’ dead body video, this news is currently dominating the internet.

What Caused the Death of Amelia Pounds?

According to the source, a video of Amelia Pound is going viral on the internet and shows her lying on a hospital bed unresponsive and the doctors regretting her passing. Since that time, the internet has been buzzing with this news, prompting many people to wonder what killed Amelia Pound. Keep reading this article and staying on this page if you’re interested in learning more about Amelia Pounds’s cause of death. View more by swiping down the screen.

Amelia Pound passed away in New Delhi, as previously mentioned, on Friday, October 7, 2022. Her health problems following liposuction surgery, according to reports, caused her death. The Nigerian businesswoman, according to the source, had planned to have liposuction surgery at a private hospital in New Delhi. Unfortunately, she passed away due to complications from the procedure. The precise medical cause of the Nigerian businesswoman’s death, however, has not been disclosed by the medical staff.


The identity of Amelia Pounds

The source claims that a video, which has already been viewed by thousands of people, is going viral on Twitter and Reddit. Amelia Pounds is seen in the video lying motionless on a bed, and the doctor can be heard talking to the patient while also showing his sorrow. At the age of 28, Amelia Pounds reportedly passed away. Her untimely death is breaking Nigerians’ hearts because it came as a shock to everyone.

There have been many tweets and condolences sent in response to Amelia Pounds’ passing. In a similar vein, Alice Amachree wrote, “What a sad story, may Amelia Pounds’s soul rest in peace. a socialist from Nigeria who was 28 years old passed away during liposuction in New Delhi.

According to Maria Ude Nwachi, “Socialite Amelia had her dead body shown in a viral video after dying from liposuction plastic surgery in India.” To the family and friends of the deceased, during this difficult time, we send our sincere condolences.


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