Primeplay :Watch the Complete Antarvasna Web Series Online

The Antarvasna web series is available to stream online using the official Primeplay app.

On November 25, 2022, the comedy-drama series’ first three episodes were released. Because of the captivating stories and excellent acting, viewers used to like the Primeplay online series.

Priyanka Biswas, Prashant Deshpandey, and other actors performed prominent roles in the Antarvasna web series. The five to six episodes of the Antarvasna web series last 20 to 25 minutes apiece.

You can watch every episode of Antarvasna online on the Primeplay App. Prior to this, Rajsi Verma, Mahi Khan, and Riddhima Tiwari all had significant parts in the Primeplay App web serial Vasu.

Cast for Antarvasna’s web series

Mami is played by Priyanka Biswas and Sasur by Prashant DeshPandey.


Web series Antarvasna: The Story

Online series, The family reunites in the first episode of the Antarvasna web series when two brothers visit Mami’s home. The five-person family in the narrative does not have a housekeeper. Two little children are seen drooling over their Mami as the action proceeds.

In the opening scene, Priyanka Biswas uses the restroom while dressed in a transparent white saree. After getting soaked, she emerges wearing pasties over her privates. She dressed in a saree. Mama and Mami exhibit strong chemistry in the second scene and are very much in love.

People appreciate how differently the Primeplay online series portrays these scenes. We learn at the conclusion of the scene that the children took the bra from Mami’s room. We observe Prashant Deshpandey (Sasur) swooning over his Bahu, which offers us a another perspective, as they begin thinking about their Mami.

The Antarvasna Web Series’ second episode has a scene of children having fun with their mother. We also find out more about the housekeeper, who in the online series is just as attractive as Mami. The housekeeper was persuaded to join Prashant Deshpandey in bed by him.

Information Regarding Antarvasna Primeplay, a Web Series
A child witnessed his grandmother hitting the housekeeper. Later, he coerced the maid into carrying out his Nana-instructions. Ji’s We learn that Mama is ill at the conclusion of the third episode of the Antarvasna Web series, and the kids take care of her in their own unique ways.

Watch Antarvasna on the Primeplay app in order to find out what happens in the series. A three-episode online serial called Antarvasna is available. The most exciting versions of Priyanka Biswas and the house help are shown in episode 3, making it the best.

According to Primeplay, the upcoming week will be jam-packed with intriguing brand-new episodes of the Antarvasna web series. Priyanka Biswas will demonstrate in the programme how well she gets along with her other co-stars. She might engage in girl-on-girl interaction with the housekeeper as well.

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