Viral Video: Who Is Murgud Fake Doctor? Murgud Fake Doctor Video Viral On Social Media

Viral Video: Who Is Murgud Fake Doctor? Murgud’s Fake Doctor Video Viral On Social Media:- Seventy or eighty videos featuring a con artist posing as a medical professional and advertising his services on social media have gone viral in the region. On Saturday, the Murgud community received roughly 400 anonymous letters calling for change. It appears that the doctor shot the video himself. Since most of the population consisted of females, outrage swept the land.

This medical practitioner has spent the last few days using social media to promote his practice. People from other states were seeking his help after seeing his viral video. He took advantage of this situation by filming himself engaging in sexually explicit behaviour with the women using his mobile phone. Women and girls are included in this category. In the clip, a woman complains of back pain, and the doctor tells her, “You’re having sex the wrong way.” He had so many unique videos on his laptop, all of which he had created himself. The footage allegedly appeared when the computer was in for service. Follow For More Updates at

Who Is Murgud’s Fake Doctor?

A pretend physician is exposed. Murgud Fake Doctor is located in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state. The truth behind a fake doctor is told in this video. In Murgud, Kolhapur is where the doctor first set up his practice. He did not complete college. The police claimed he committed two crimes and promptly arrested him after the video was leaked. Karthik is the name of the physician. The identity of the bogus physician who set up shop in the region has yet to be established. There were rumours that he was operating a local clinic, treating patients and dispensing medication for a wide range of conditions.

Murgud Doctor Viral Video

The significance of a trusting relationship between a doctor and a patient is highlighted in this video. When a patient has faith in their physician, it proves this point. The protagonist of this video is a fake doctor who ends up being exposed. Murgud is located in Kolhapur City, Maharashtra, where the incident occurred.

The truth behind a phoney doctor is told in this video. The medical professional established his practice in Murgud, Kolhapur. No, he hasn’t finished college. After the video was leaked, the police quickly arrested him. And the law enforcement has already labelled him a criminal twice. The physician’s name is Karthik. He promoted his clinic in this video while he flirted with a woman. Many people used to get their annual checkups from them after seeing advertisements on social media.

The doctor’s fake degree has been exposed. Once upon a time, he harassed his female patient. Many of this doctor’s female patients reported being sexually assaulted. Using a stick, he would film his female patient. He would load up his laptop with photos and videos. His computer broke down, and he sent it in for repairs. Shortly after that, all of the videos began to circulate online. He recorded himself doing this evil deed nearly 80 times and saved the footage.

No Police Complaint

It has been suggested in the letter that the perverted attitude of praising obscene illusions needs to be taught a lesson. This letter expresses the author’s view that the people who defend the doctor’s behaviour should also be permanently silenced. The Kolhapur police headquarters may have received similar letters and pen drives, but the Murgud Fake Doctor police said no case was registered because no complaint was received until after midnight.

Viral Video: Who Is Murgud’s Fake Doctor? Murgud’s Fake Doctor Video Viral On Social Media
Viral Video: Who Is Murgud’s Fake Doctor? Murgud’s Fake Doctor Video Viral On Social Media

What is the matter Murgud’s Fake Doctor?

A man in Kolhapur was practising medicine without a medical degree. Moreover, he was also engaged in yet another heinous offence. The fake doctor would secretly record his female patients for sexual exploitation. Following this, he began hoarding pornographic videos on his computer. So far, he has filmed himself engaging in sexually explicit behaviour with 80 different women.

That’s how it got out in the open?

The accused had handed over his broken laptop for repair when it started acting up. According to the initial reports, the women’s videos only became widely shared after the computer was repaired. The locals are very upset about this. Many women have written anonymous letters expressing their dissatisfaction with this situation and calling for change. The women have demanded in the letter that the fake doctor who made the pornographic video be punished severely. However, no report has been filed with the police, so the suspects have not been apprehended.

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