Alexa Sangalang
Alexa Sangalang

We’re here to talk about the Virginia plane tragedy that claimed the life of Viktoria Theresie Ljungman, a flying instructor. According to the reports, a flying instructor perished in a crash in Virginia. This news has been making waves on social media and news channels since it broke.

Who was Viktoria Theresie Ljungman, and why did the crash occur?

There are several issues that need to be resolved. According to reports, immediately after taking off from Williamsburg International Airport, the plane collided with a Cessna 172. Please read this article through to the conclusion to learn more about the crash. Page scroll down.

Viktoria Theresie Ljungman

Flight Instructor Died in Virginia Plane Crash

Viktoria Theresie Ljungman, a flight instructor, perished in the accident, as was previously revealed. She was on the aircraft as an instructor and went by the name Viktoria Theresie Ljungman. The Virginian-Pilot verified her passing on Twitter in the meanwhile. “Hampton University is aware of the sad accident that took place today and involved two of our students,” the statement adds. The accident’s precise cause is still being looked into. We have no more remark at this time out of respect for the students and their families.

Aged 23 was the flight instructor.

The catastrophe, according to the insider, took place on Thursday in Virginia. She held a position as a flight instructor after graduating from Hampton University. However, she only recently received her commercial licence. She was also a tennis player, and she is included on the 2022 roster for Hampton University’s women’s tennis team. She focused on aviation training in the interim.

She was not the only casualty of the disaster, however

Viktoria Theresie Ljungman

The other two are believed to have survived the collision. The other two victims were Hampton University students. The jet crashed on Thursday about 3:03 pm, according to Michelle Anaya, a state police spokesperson. The airport was shut down two hours after the incident.

The flying instructor was pronounced dead at the site, while the other two casualties were brought to a hospital. Victims were taken by ambulance to Riverside Regional Hospital before being sent on to Richmond’s VCU Hospital. A prayer session was held on Friday for faculty, staff, and students, according to an Instagram post from the Hampton University Student Government Association. The Virginia State Police are looking into the situation. For updates and more information, keep checking this page.


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