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The Pathaan movie’s title song, Jhoome Jo Pathaan, is today very well-liked online. The movie has been popular on social media and has thus far been a hit. But many people swayed their bodies to this music.

A video of the actor Hammad dancing to the album’s lead hit, “Pathaan,” has gone viral online, and that’s another thing about Hammad. The video quickly saw a surge in views. For the most recent developments, Visit comingsoonnews on our website.

The Viral Video Habibi

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Everyone enjoyed the performer’s dance moves and other upbeat activities. The actor was shocking and amusing the audience by dancing to the Pathaan movie’s theme song.It should also be noted that Hammad’s fans were pleased to see him dance; one of them said that he was a great dancer, and another user claimed that he “ricked the dance floor” and executed the perfect hook.

Habibi viral video

Habibi, Who?

But it’s also stated that the actor has done these things online and that he grooves and dances to a variety of well-known songs. On the other hand, Hammod is well known for the many various drama roles that he played. His works such as Kesi Teru Khudgarzi, Soteli Mamta, and Khidmat Guzari are well-known.

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Habibi Trending Videos in Full

The actor is well known for his dedication to and love of acting. Speaking of the video that Habibi or Hammod had previously released, he lit up the dance floor by making a video to the same song by Asim Azhar and dancing to it. In the viral video, the actor was swaying and dancing to Habibi’s music.

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Despite the various rumours, the song is private because it has already been made available to the public. Instead, Hammod’s Pathaan and Habibi Trending Videos dance videos are becoming more and more well-liked.

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