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Video Of Quintyn Q Lewis’s Car Accident, The Reason For His Death!

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In this instance, a student at Lindbergh High School passed away, and a car accident was found to be the cause of death. The dead was identified as Quintyn Q Lewis. Since Quintyn Q Lewis’s death, friends, family members, and loved ones have been in shock.

Traffic collisions have been blamed for the bulk of fatalities. Despite several rigorous traffic laws, these fatalities are not being identified and prevented. We hear about deaths all the time, most of which are regrettably brought on by the passing of teenagers and other young people.

Quintyn Q Lewis’s cause of death

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They created a GoFundMe account to raise money to aid with funeral costs in order to support the deceased’s loved ones. The page’s target is $25,000, and as of this writing, $31,161 has been donated.

According to the page, Quintyn Q Lewis passed away on October 29, 2022, however the news of his passing was only made public on Monday, October 31, 2022. The page was established to assist Quintyn’s family with funeral and memorial costs, as we’ve already said.

The boy’s family claims that he went to Lindbergh High School. Basketball was one of the two sports he played. The other was volleyball. His loved ones regarded him as cheerful, generous, and compassionate. He constantly shows others respect.

He has gained the love of everyone, and they all grieve for him and pray for his salvation. soul. Even though Quintyn Q Lewis is no longer with us, his legacy will endure.

Car Accident Video: What was it?

There are many unanswered mysteries surrounding this occurrence, including how the youngster ended up in the collision. What other information, like how many vehicles altogether, are involved?

However, this time there isn’t a single website specifically dedicated to this subject, and the only YouTube channels that are sharing the news do not have any additional details.

The only thing the channels say is that the deceased passed away in an automobile accident. On social media networks, condolences, sympathy, and condolences are flooding in.

The family of the deceased dad, who was a loving father to Josh and Yvonne, is still in disbelief. His cause of death is not stated in the funeral obituary, although numerous YouTube channels assert that he passed away as a result of a car accident. These sources claim that the man was killed after an accident involving his car left him seriously disabled.

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