Unveiling of the Veo Apollo dual-passenger electric bicycle with a 750W throttle assist motor

Veo Apollo
Veo Apollo

Veo has debuted a brand-new electric bicycle. A 750W throttle assist motor provides the Veo Apollo e-bike its top speed of 25 km/h. On a single charge, the dual-passenger bike can travel 72 kilometres with assistance.

The Veo Apollo is the first-ever dual-passenger electric bike and has a cargo capacity of up to 181 kg. Due to its design, it may accommodate an additional passenger. When the throttle is opened, the Apollo simulates engine noise to make the vehicle audible to pedestrians.

Local micromobility laws can be reviewed on the fly with the Veo Voice assistant, improving overall safety. For the Veo Apollo, there are still a number of unanswered questions. More information about the EV may be learned from the type of tyres, brakes, and suspension.


The Apollo may use other Veo model batteries, increasing its adaptability. The Veo has a phone mount and a screen that displays turn signals, speed, and the status of the battery charge while riding.

The Veo Apollo is scheduled to launch in 2023, but the specifics of its price and availability have not yet been disclosed.


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