Updated features and new colour options for the Yamaha E-Vino e-scooter 2023 edition have been introduced

In Japan, Yamaha has revealed a new version of its E-Vino electric scooter. Only the Japanese market sells the retro-styled scooter known as the E-Vino. Among other things, the new revisions offer a wider variety and additional colour possibilities.

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E-Vino 2023 model’s new

The E-Vino 2023 model’s new color way has an aesthetic effect on the design. Along with a white and black version, it also comes in cyan and white. According to Yamaha, the cyan/white design has a very alluring appearance that reflects its goal of having no emissions.

The Vino scooter, which attracted a lot of fans in Japan for its price and usability, served as the inspiration for the Yamaha E-Vino. With more breadth, the new model keeps the excellent utilitarian capability of its predecessor. Its modest 32km range makes it suited for daily journeys in cities. The lightest possible electric scooter weighs 68kg. The scooter’s 10.2-inch tyres and 12.2Ah battery can be fully charged in three hours. A 1.2kW AC synchronous motor with 7.8Nm of torque powers the E-Vino. The top speed of the new model is anticipated to be higher than that of the old one.

The Yamaha E-Vino e-scooter 2023 edition will go on sale on September 30 in Japan for 314,600 ($2,244). At Yamaha Showrooms in Japan, the E-Vino will be on exhibit. The E-unimpressive Vino’s charge time of three hours and limited operating range may have an impact on how well it is received. However, it continues to have the recognisable retro elements that evoke nostalgia in its admirers.

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