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Through the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, Yuri Milner donates millions to three fields of scientific discovery

A 61-year-old investor and CEO in technology, Yuri Milner. His long career investing in technology after receiving a degree in advanced theoretical physics has resulted in significant financial success and widespread acclaim.

Personal Achievement Was Insufficient

When Yuri Milner joined Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet in the Giving Pledge in 2012, he had his first opportunity to give back to the community. Some of the richest people in the world have made a commitment known as “The Giving Pledge” to give the majority of their wealth to charitable organisations. Later that year, Yuri Milner, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, and Sergey Brin established the Breakthrough Prize.

What Is the Breakthrough Prize, and Why Was It Created by Yuri Milner?

The Breakthrough Prize, now in its 11th year, consists of a trophy and a $3 million payment to the individual or group presenting the most ground-breaking scientific discoveries. Because he sees scientific advancement as the key to a prosperous future, Milner and his wife Julia founded the Breakthrough Prize.

The Breakthrough Prize

Medical discoveries in the fields of genetics and molecular biology are of particular interest to Yuri Milner. He believes that the world does not make nearly enough use of the genius of scientific researchers. Inspiring a new generation of scientists and giving them the same level of support as professional athletes, artists, and actors and actresses were his main objectives with the Breakthrough Prize.

Milner believes that even greater things are yet to come, despite the fact that the world has witnessed more scientific advancements since the Industrial Revolution than at any other time in history. He makes the case that we are at the beginning of human history and is amazed by what young scientists and inventors can do if they are motivated to decipher the secrets of nature.

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