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Three Indian students were killed in a US car accident in Massachusetts

Three Indian students were killed in a car accident in Massachusetts. We regret to inform you that a tragic vehicle accident claimed the lives of three pupils. The three pupils who perished in the accident are also reported to be of Indian descent. On Thursday, a vehicle accident claimed the lives of three Indian students. Authorities also established the victims’ names and pronounced them dead.

People who knew them have expressed their sorrow on social media since this news surfaced online and have sent their sincere sympathies to the victims’ bereaved families. What were their names, and what happened to cause their vehicle accident? People are asking a wide variety of questions on social media.

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Names of Three Indian Students Who Died In A US Car Accident Have Been Released

Was it a single-vehicle accident or a collision involving several vehicles? According to reports, three Indian students lost their life on Thursday in Western Massachusetts after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

In addition, the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office said that the Indian students’ car collided with another car, killing three students and sending five others to the hospital. Find out more information by reading the part after this one.

What were the names of the students who perished in the crash, which is the following inquiry that arises? The victims of the incident have been named as Sai Narasimha Patamsetti, Pavani Gullapally, and Prem Kumar Reddy Goda by the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office. The oldest of the three students was Prem Kumar. While Sai Narsimha and Pavani Gullapally were both 22 years old, he was 27.

The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office added that the collision between a southbound and northbound car happened in Western Massachusetts at around 5:30 in the morning.

According to the accounts, there were 4 additional passengers in the car at the time of the collision, and they were taken to the hospital right away for treatment. The accident’s injured victims were identified as Manoj Reddy Donda, 23, Vijith Reddy Gummala, 23, Hima Ishwarya Siddireddy, 22, and Sridhar Reddy Chinthakunta, 22.

State and municipal law enforcement in Massachusetts have launched a thorough investigation. Officers are investigating the situation and attempting to determine what caused the collision.

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