The Vivo X80 Pro+ has been discontinued, and the Vivo X90 Series will replace it

Vivo x90
Vivo x90

Vivo, a manufacturer of smartphones, was previously expected to introduce its new flagship model, the Vivo X80 Pro+, this month. As September draws to a close, we learn that the smartphone manufacturer has discontinued the Vivo X80 Pro+. We will now have to wait till the X90 series to see what Vivo has in store for its upcoming flagship models.

After launching the Vivo X70 series in September of last year, the company introduced the Vivo X80 series in April, with the India launch taking place in May. The Vivo X90 series is almost ready to launch, at least in China, based on the timeline.

The Vivo X90 series was previously predicted to make its debut in December of this year, with the India launch following a little later.

A Vivo representative informed GSM Arena that the X80 Pro+ has been discontinued and that the X90 series, which is expected to debut in late 2022, is almost here. It was previously reported that the Vivo X90 series would debut in December and include major upgrades from its forerunner. In the Vivo X90 series, the Vivo X 90 Pro+ is anticipated to have the best specifications.

Specifications for the Vivo X90 series

The Vivo X80 Pro+ was previously anticipated to include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and an improved camera system that was said to swap out the two 12-megapixel and eight-megapixel telephoto lenses for fifty-megapixel ones. Additionally, it was said that the Vivo X80 Pro+ would feature 200W fast charging and have a premium AMOLED display. As of right now, we are unable to confirm whether the X90 Pro+ will support 200W fast charging.

According to rumours, the Vivo X90 series will have a new Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU made in 4nm, which might be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Additionally, a new telephoto lens and a 1-inch camera sensor could be included in the Vivo X90 Pro+. Additionally, a brand-new Samsung E6 AMOLED display and UFS 4.0 storage are anticipated for the Vivo X90 Pro+.


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