“The lettuce has won,” declares the British prime minister. After a brief tenure, Liz Truss resigns, and Britain will have a new leader

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British Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned after a turbulent month and a half as a result of growing political pressure.

Or, if you’ve been following the mayhem happening across the pond this past week, the lettuce has triumphed.

After weeks of dissatisfaction at Westminster and within her own cabinet over her contentious financial policies, which led to a steady stream of resignations from her senior ministers, her brief stint as prime minister came to an end on Thursday. Following another tumultuous leave by a British leader, PM Boris Johnson, who quit abruptly earlier in the summer,Liz Truss assumed over.

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In addition, it is the third resignation of a British prime minister in a row.

The lettuce has won,” declares the British prime minister. After a brief tenure, Liz Truss resigns, and Britain will have a new leader

In front of 10 Downing Street, Truss made her resignation known, saying that she “cannot achieve the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative party.”

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What follows then? When it comes to British politics, the response was immediate and harsh as usual.

The lettuce won.

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When the British tabloid The Daily Star decided to live broadcast an unrefrigerated head of iceberg lettuce to see whether it would “outlast” Truss’s stint as prime minister, the video quickly went viral. The head-to-head wilt-off was a fight to the death, and on the sixth day, the lettuce won.

Larry as PM?

Since arriving into the residence of the prime minister in 2011, the domestic cat at 10 Downing Street has met four different British leaders.

He’s seen enough, for sure. The only alternative left is for that fat tabby to take over as British prime minister of the United Kingdom:

The crazy Boris is back.

In the summer, Boris Johnson was ejected from the building. There is now suspicion that he may be preparing for a comeback.

Man, British politics are crazy things.

Rishi Sunak, Truss’s second-place finisher in the Conservative leadership contest, may actually be the one seeking the top position at Westminster:

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