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The American EV company Fisker may soon launch its vehicles in India

India has emerged as one of the key emerging markets for electric vehicles (EVs) as the automotive sector experiences a significant transition toward EVs. According to recent reports, Fisker also intends to shortly introduce its own electric products in this area.

The CEO of the American electric vehicle manufacturer, Henrik Fisker, told Reuters that the company has plans to enter the Indian market. “India will eventually go all electric,” he said. We want to be among the first people to enter here, even though it might not move as quickly as the US, China, or Europe. In other words, Fisker Inc. will soon be among the newest companies to introduce its own EV cars to the market.


The Ocean EV model of the company’s electric SUV may therefore be the first to ever enter the Indian market. In addition to the Ocean Electric SUV, Fisker also mentioned that it might introduce other electric vehicle models in India, like the Pear EV. This is still only an early claim, and we have no way of knowing any specifics about how much these electric cars will cost on the Indian market.

However, the senior executive was certain that India would produce the Pear EV domestically by 2026. As a result, the corporation would be able to lower the price of the car to under 20,000 US Dollars, which is equivalent to about 17 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) in the area.


Due to its higher price and the fact that foreign credit cards are subject to a 100 percent duty, Fisker’s Ocean EV may not be a popular choice for most Indians looking to purchase an electric vehicle. Localized production would therefore take time to spread throughout the nation.

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