Telegram now has two New Features: A profile Photo Creator and Real-Time chat Translation

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With its most recent update, Telegram has once again proven its commitment to giving users an excellent experience. As is traditional, Telegram has upgraded its chat application for users of Android and iOS, bringing a fresh set of features that are brimming with brand-new capabilities that are both practical and practical.

One of the update’s standout features is the profile photo generator, which allows users to make eye-catching profile photos for their profiles, groups, and channels using stickers or animated emojis. The fact that everyone can use the function, whether or not they have a Premium subscription, is its best feature.

Telegram now has two new features

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Another new feature that should make interlanguage communication simpler is real-time message translation. Because it makes it simpler for them to connect with their contacts in their native tongue, this capability may be especially helpful to those who have contacts abroad. Using the Translate tab at the top of the software, users may quickly translate entire conversations, groups, and channels. However, this feature is only available to Telegram Premium members.


The most recent update also includes a complete pie chart that shows how much mobile and Wi-Fi data the app uses. You can customise the auto-download settings to your needs if you plan to use Telegram in the future and conserve data.

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Users now have complete control over when media is stored to their gallery thanks to a new media menu added as part of the upgrade. With options to filter by size, kind, and chat, this application will be a lifesaver for people who wish to keep their material organised.

Last but not least, finding the perfect emoji is now easier than ever thanks to Telegram’s new emoji categories. Users may now zoom in on any emoji by opening the emoji panel and doing so before sending.

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