Taylor Swift Has 7 Strict Rules Her Staff Must Obey

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Megastardom demands a lot of dedication and hard work. To keep things operating smoothly, your team needs the appropriate individuals and strict standards.

There are never any good stories about Taylor Swift in the news. Her public image experiences ups and downs frequently.

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It’s a tight ship at Swift, and everyone knows to keep their tongues shut. However, those who have worked with her over the years have shared a few odd rules.

You must consent to an NDA.

According to rumours, Swift’s intimate partners are all required to sign non-disclosure agreements. It should come as no surprise that she expects nothing less from her staff.

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Companies frequently demand NDAs from all of its staff members. Swift is no different, and it’s shrewd of her to have them sign.

She must ensure the safety of her copyrights and secrets because there are so many people in close proximity to the star.

Taylor Swift American Singer

Only attractive candidates need apply.

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Swift’s ego is “so big that really believes she’s above average-looking people,” according to a purported former aide, who said this in an interview with Star Magazine in 2016.

She continued by saying that Swift surrounds herself with gorgeous people and utilises pretty models as “wallpaper in the background.”

The assistant does acknowledge that if the person is successful, Swift will make an exception. She emphasises that point by referencing the singer’s friendship with Lena Dunham.

Avoid interfering with her coffee.

Swift is reputed to be an extremely picky coffee drinker. In honour of her “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album, she actually collaborated with Starbucks to sell her very own “Taylor’s Latte.”

It’s just a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte, nothing complicated. With four pumps of caramel and a splash of nonfat milk, it weighs sixteen ounces.

There is reportedly an unwritten rule that Taylor Swift employees are not allowed to alter her coffee preferences. Every time, she wants the exact same result.

You have to enjoy cats.

Working for Taylor Swift might not be the ideal career move if you’re allergic to cats. She loves cats a lot and wants her staff to share her passion.

At the time of our last check, Swift was the proud owner of three cats: a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button, a Scottish fold named Meredith Gray, and a Ragdoll named Olivia Benson.

Therefore, if someone wants to work with her, they must enjoy cats. They must feel at ease around her exotic cats and get knowledgeable on how to properly care for them.

No photography or recording is permitted

As you might have imagined,Taylor Swift keeps her forthcoming projects a secret until they are prepared for release.

It makes logical that Swift is protective of her work given the barrage of copyright accusations and lawsuits she has faced since breaking into the music industry.

Employees are supposedly not allowed to record when she is in the studio or engaged in a current project. Since leaks may sabotage a record release, Swift makes every effort to prevent them.

Taylor Swift

You must assist women.

Taylor Swift is renowned for publicly supporting women’s emancipation. She has been outspoken about her desire to combat sexism in the music business.

She became aware of the misogyny in the industry because to her own conflict with music industry mogul Scooter Braun, and she has pledged ever since to fight sexist conduct.

Swift’s “girl gang” reportedly consists of all of her female employees. With challenges that only another woman can understand, they rely on one another for support.

Avoid making fashion mistakes.

Taylor Swift always makes an entrance, whether she’s making her way down the street or making a statement at an awards ceremony. She has earned a reputation as a fashion icon throughout time.
Her glam squad is well aware of her high expectations and meets them. Swift must be styled according to her detailed requirements.

Taylor Swift’s favourite fashion company, Faith Connexion, owner revealed in 2018 that Swift is very hands-on when it comes to her style.

“We also interact with her personally, picking and choosing certain parts. She likes it so much that she keeps wanting more of it “Page Six was informed by Faith Connexion’s president Maria Buccellati.

She stays away from dowdy or grungy looks in favour of chic and elegant attire. Joining her fashion squad requires an understanding of her own style.

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