Tata Group may soon build an iPhone production facility in India

According to a recent rumour, the Tata Group and Apple Supplier Wistron are in talks to establish a joint venture for the production of iPhones in India.

The latest piece of news is that soon the locally-made iPhone models may be by the Tata Group, or at least in an assembly factory by the Indian giant, while people are still thrilled about made-in-India iPhones.

Tata Group might be able to speed up iPhone production for Apple.

According to a Bloomberg story, the Tata Group and Taiwanese supplier Wistron Corp. are in talks about forming a joint venture to produce iPhone there. The uninitiated should know that Wistron Corp. now produces Apple iPhones in India.

Additionally, the Indian behemoth is rumoured to be seeking the Taiwanese supplier’s skills in product development, supply chain management, and assembly in order to speed up Apple’s iPhone production in India. Tata group could establish a new assembly plant in India after purchasing shares in Wistron Indian operations.

It’s unknown whether Apple is aware of this talk, but if it takes place, Apple might finally begin full-scale iPhone production in a country other than China.

According to earlier reports, Apple did wish to relocate its manufacturing from China because of rising geopolitical tensions with the US and COVID-19 restrictions.

Taiwanese manufacturers including Wistron, Foxconn, and Pegatron handle the majority of Apple’s production. However, Apple in China had previously halted Pegatron’s production. During this time, Pegatron began producing iPhone models in India.

Tata Group

The iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 models are produced in the nation by three of the aforementioned suppliers.

According to the journal, if the Tata-Wistron agreement is successful, the Tata Group will produce iPhones for the first time in India.

Making iPhones in India may not be simple because these models won’t simply be sent to India but also probably to other countries. Not to mention the need to take quality control and a number of other factors into account.

Apple I-phone
Apple I-phone

One of the well-known and reputable names in the nation is Tata Group. The corporation broadens its product line beyond fundamental household goods to include electric cars, steel, chemicals, software, and more.

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