A worldwide rollout of the 1440p-supporting Sony PS5 software has begun: Check Specifics

A fresh software update from Sony for the system has begun to roll out and includes numerous new capabilities. The update includes a number of highly requested features like gamelists and 1440p HDMI video output in addition to social features like the ability to view new friends’ profiles easily and request a share screen from another party member. You can also get a notification to join a friend’s game more quickly from the party chat.

One may now more quickly access ongoing Activities from game hubs and compare 3D audio and stereo audio on the same screen. The business has given Sony PS5 gamers access to Voice Command for YouTube content search (Preview). You can tell the Sony PS5 to find something by saying, “Hey PlayStation, find [keyword] on YouTube,” even while you’re playing. The YouTube app will launch and offer pertinent search results.


New PS App capabilities

Later this month, we will progressively roll out several new features for PS App globally on iOS and Android in addition to these PS5 console updates:

Open the PS App to start a Sony PS Remote Play session.

On iOS and Android devices, PS App users will be able to start a PS Remote Play session directly from the app. To begin, confirm that your PS5 console is in Rest Mode and that PS App is connected to it. The PS Remote Play app will then run when you choose the “Play Using PS Remote Play” option on a PS App game hub. Make sure PS App and PS Remote Play are both installed on your smartphone or tablet in order to take advantage of this feature.

Demand for Share Screen

Users of the PS App will be able to watch their friends’ games from the app by asking another party member who is playing on a PS5 to initiate a Share Screen session, which is similar to the PS5 feature. This makes staying in touch with friends while travelling more simpler for you.

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