Shilpi raj
Shilpi raj

Bio/Wiki of Shilpi Raj

On March 25, 2002, Shilpi Raj was born in India. She is a well-known singer, actor, musician, media personality, social media star, and online personality. She is from Bihar as well. She became well-known thanks to her alluring and lovely singing style. Due to the fact that her Bhojpuri songs were constantly on fire, the audience fell in love with them. On March 25, 2002, Shilpi was born in the Uttar Pradeshn village of Deoria, in the Bhatparani district. Her real name is Shilpi Rajbhar. She currently resides in Patna, the state capital of Bihar.

Additionally, since since a video of Shilpi became popular online, she has appeared in Google’s top news. She can be heard discussing how she secretly got married in numerous clips. Read the article to learn more about Shilpi Raj.

Examining Shilpi Raj’s Career

Many of Shilpi’s Bhojpuri-language albums have found success. 2017 saw the release of her debut album, Bhukur Bhukur. Together with Sameer Sawan, she released her first single, Bhukur Bhukur Light Barab Karejau. “Seiya Pe Angutha Dekha Dekha” was written and performed by Sonu Sargam Ara. Shilpi has collaborated with the illustrious Kesari Lal Yadav as well. Bol Ka Bhaw Ba, Jaiha Na Purubwa, and HaraDiya ke Chhapi are some of her well-known songs.

In numerous well-known item numbers, she appeared on screen with actors like as Arvind Akela, K L Yadav, and Pawan Singh. Bol Ke Bahawar Lijchi La Ge ho, a video album with her and Pramodh Premi, has received over 200 million views.

Education, school, and college of Shilpi Raj

She finished her secondary education at the public school in her village of Deoria. In Chapra, Bihar, she completed her secondary schooling. Shilpi relocated to Bihar in an effort to become a famous musician.

What Dimensions Has Shilpi Raj?

Height (about) (approx.) I am 5 feet, 3 inches tall. 1.61 m to be precise. On a scale of one centimetre, that is 161.
The weight is roughly 54–58 kilos, or 119–127 lb.

In this figure, 32, 30, and 32 are present.

Relationships, affairs, and lovers of Shilpi Raj

There were rumours that Shilpi was getting married on social media. In online videos, a variety of accusations are made about her covert marriage. Shilpi went live on Facebook to announce her relationship status after learning this. Shilpi then sternly advised everyone to cease spreading the rumour.
She admitted that she had once dated Vivek Patel, her former manager. They spent three years together. Vivek has previously disciplined and physically assaulted her. Vivek started disseminating fabricated rumours and MMS about Shilpi after their divorce. Vivek began spreading rumours about their impending nuptials in March 2021, which was two months after they had divorced.As she described the entire incident, she started crying.

Relationships between Shilpi’s caste and the Raj family

Wikipedia’s entry for Shilpi Raj Raj is the (father) Ramesh Chandra Raj’s daughter (father). Her father owns and runs a small local business, while her mother stays at home. They taught her the value of tenacity and perseverance. They haven’t appeared in any of her social media posts.
According to the sources, Shilpi has three sisters and one brother (3 sisters and one brother). She loves and cares for them tenderly. she is a Hindu believer. She belongs to the Nagvanshi Kshatriya caste, per Wikipedia.

The Shilpi Raj MMS video’s widespread popularity

In 2022, Shilpi Raj’s MMS video went popular online. The most recent evidence indicates that her lover made this video popular. Check out this viral video to see Raj and her lover in action (name not known).

Following in the wake of Bhojpuri actress Trishakar Madhu’s private video, singer Shilpi Raj’s MMS immediately became viral. Shilpi and her partner are reportedly seen in the viral video in an inappropriate stance. In this clip, neither boy’s face is shown up close. The musician also pleaded with people not to share the video after learning that it was growing in popularity. She did, however, acknowledge creating a popular video.


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