Snapchat has released a new set of AR lenses in collaboration with Amazon Fashion

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A new set of AR Lenses that will make purchasing eyewear more simpler have been released by Snapchat in collaboration with Amazon Fashion. With the new Lenses, you can test-drive eyewear and sunglasses from manufacturers like Maui Jim, Persol, Oakley, and Costa Del Mar within the Snapchat app and make a direct purchase from Amazon Fashion.

You can now test out the new Snapchat Lens to buy eyewear from Amazon.

By visiting the @amazonfashion profile on Snapchat, users can find the new Amazon Fashion AR lenses. It’s as easy to test out the eyewear Lenses as it is to use other Snapchat filters. The software provides an overlay that gives you a good idea of how the glasses will look on you with just one swipe.
According to The Verge, the new Lenses occasionally also come with extras like knitted caps and a frosty backdrop for Oakley’s line of ski sunglasses.

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According to Snapchat, the new eyewear Lenses herald the launch of its virtual try-on and shopping lens categories. In collaboration with Amazon Fashion, the company intends to “grow into new verticals in the future.”

According to a remark from Ben Schwerin, SVP of Partnerships at Snap, “For the hundreds of millions of Snapchatters, we are unleashing interesting and enjoyable new try-on experiences thanks to the innovation and technology that Snap and Amazon have combined. Our collaboration is just getting started, and we can’t wait to keep innovating as a team.”

Snapchat in collaboration with Amazon Fashion
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To make online buying for customers easier, retailers other than Amazon are also making investments in Virtual Try-On experiences. After purchasing Zeekit, Walmart added a similar function to its app, giving customers an immersive shopping experience through a virtual fitting room.
The feature was discovered by us in a Walmart app APK breakdown from late last year, and the business made it available to consumers in September of this year. Walmart’s solution, however, differs slightly because it calls for consumers to upload a photo of themselves in order to try on clothing.

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