helicopter crash
helicopter crash

It is saddening to learn that a helicopter carrying Kedarnath pilgrims perished in a collision after colliding with a hill and having poor visibility while it was in the air.

Kedarnath Helicopter Crash Updates:

6 Pilgrims Killed In Chopper Accident, Deceased Identified:- A helicopter crashed into a hill in the Rudraprayag area of Uttarakhand on Tuesday morning as a result of poor visibility, according to news that had just been confirmed a few hours earlier. Many individuals have been curious about this incident’s specifics ever since the news of it broke. The most recent reports state that the chopper, which belonged to the Delhi-based Aryan Aviation Private Limited, crashed shortly after taking off while returning from Kedarnath.

Identified Dead From Chopper Accident That Killed 6 Pilgrims

After the tragedy gained attention, teams from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and district police started the search and rescue effort. Due to rain in the accident area, the rescue operation was a little challenging. The search and rescue effort is ongoing, the SDRF stated in a statement. There were seven passengers riding in the Aryan Company helicopter. Because of the fog, vision was reduced, and the helicopter crashed after hitting a hill. Lincholi and Garud Chati were the parties involved in the incident.

According to sources, the catastrophe claimed the lives of close to seven passengers. The deceased have now been identified as pilot Anil Singh, Prem Kumar, Sujata, Urvi, Kriti, and Purva Ramanuj. Following the event, the Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and other politicians tweeted about this tragic accident.


Anguished by the helicopter crash in Uttarakhand, according to a statement sent by the official PMO India account. My sympathies are with the grieving families during this terrible hour. Many individuals have expressed their condolences to the relatives of the deceased who lost their life in this tragic event since the incident’s announcement. It’s true that a helicopter crash has happened before. After taking off from Kedarnath for Phata, the helicopter crashed near Kedarnath in Garudchatti.

A video of a chopper that had crashed on a mountain and rescuers searching for the victims was also posted on Twitter. The location was rainy, which made it difficult to gather information on the incident. We will provide further information about the situation. Follow us for updates to learn more.


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