The New thumbstick grips from SCUF Gaming “Will Boost Your Gaming Performance”

SCUF Gaming
SCUF Gaming

The video game industry is still expanding daily. The number of brands that produce items for players also rises as a result of this circumstance, in addition to the number of games. Finally, SCUF Gaming, one of these companies, unveiled its new line of all-purpose thumbstick grips. Regardless of the type of controller they use, all gamers can now have a stronger grip and improved performance thanks to the new SCUF joystick.

A new set of universal thumbstick grips is offered by SCUF Gaming.

Corsair purchased SCUF Gaming in 2019, which was formed in 2011. The company mostly manufactures gamepads and gaming hardware. The Universal Thumbstick Grips Set was then introduced. The device is compatible with nearly, and SCUF asserts that utilising it will improve users’ gaming performance and control.

The Universal Thumbstick Grips Set, according to Diego Nunez, Vice President of Game Marketing at Corsair: According to Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR, “the introduction of our Universal Thumbstick Grips is a reflection of our dedication to offering all gamers the opportunity to enjoy the SCUF edge.” “By upgrading your current controller with this new product, you can receive a practical advantage in movement and games.”

Three different models of SCUF Gaming Universal Thumbstick Grips are available. In order to allow players to customise their experience based on preferences and playing style, there are Tactic, Catalyst, and Pulse.

  • Tactical: Some come in three colors—black, red, and blue—and two lengths, with two shapes—concave and domed (short and tall).
  • Catalyst: It includes more grip on the sides of the depression, which prevents fingers from slipping from where you want them to be, and a concave design that lets your fingertips to rest securely in the thumbstick’s indent.
  • Pulse: A traditional thumbstick style with a SCUF twist. Because of its semi-domed shape, your fingertips will either rest in the thumbstick’s indent or on its edge, where extra grip will keep them firmly attached.

The Universal Thumbstick grips are currently on sale on Amazon and SCUF’s websites for a price range of $9.99 to $19.99.


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