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Samsung’s commercial makes fun of Apple for not having a foldable iPhone

This week, Samsung had recently unveiled a new commercial that appears to make fun of Apple for not yet having a foldable iPhone. The latest advertisement, “On the Fence,” pokes fun at Apple at what seems to be a store.

When we look at the advertisement, we can see a man perched on a fence above this Apple Store. Then, a fictitious Apple employee approaches him and asks, “Hey, what are you doing up there? You cannot stand on the sidelines. But on the Samsung side, they have folding phones with spectacular cameras, the man on the fence responds.

The staffer then tries to persuade the man to leave while what looks to be another Apple customer expresses interest in the foldable cellphones.

The customer queries “Why? ” while the staffer adds, “We’re waiting for all that to come over here.” The thing is already there. The fictitious Apple employee is prompted by this to ultimately state, “Because that’s what we do. We watch. The South Korean computer titan has already made fun of the Cupertino-based company.

Every time the iPhone maker introduced a new release or new feature that Samsung previously provided, it was met with criticism. However, in recent times, these taunts have increased, with the most recent ones focusing on Apple’s delayed release of a foldable tablet.

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable phones in September 2022. The company’s first to foldables campaign made fun of the iPhone’s lack of innovation.

It is still unknown at this point whether Apple has any immediate plans to introduce a foldable smartphone. However, we have previously reported a number of rumours and patents. Keep checking back for further developments.

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