Future Samsung smartphones may have a satellite connectivity feature


A new emergency function called satellite connectivity emerged with the recent release of Apple’s iPhone 14s. When there is no cellular signal coverage, iPhone owners can reportedly use this capability to connect with the satellites and make an emergency call.

A comparable function was made available by Huawei with the Mate 50 Series. Additionally, it appears that Samsung will add satellite connectivity to upcoming Galaxy handsets.

According to informant Ricciolo, Samsung may have plans to add satellite connectivity to its forthcoming Galaxy handsets (Via Phonearena). It’s unknown if the Galaxy S23 cellphones will have access to this emergency feature.

As previously reported, Apple released the iPhone 14 series with the satellite connectivity function. It’s interesting to note that this function won’t be accessible until November and will initially only operate in the US and Canada. Rumors suggest that Apple may implement the feature in other nations as early as later this year, though.

Huawei mate 50 pro

It’s important to note that Huawei released this feature before Apple with its Mate50 series. The Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro smartphones, according to the Chinese business, will enable users to send brief text messages over China’s international BeiDou satellite network, enabling for contact in places without connectivity.

iPhone 14 Pro max
iPhone 14 Pro max

According to Apple, its Emergency SOS function on the iPhone 14 and upcoming iPhones utilises the Globalstar network. Although we do not yet know whose provider Samsung will be utilising, it is likely not Globalstar given that Apple has already utilised 85% of its existing and future network capacity.

Remember that Samsung hasn’t formally confirmed any specifics as of yet, and the satellite connectivity function is still just a rumour. In the days to come, we anticipate learning more about it.


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