Reddit Has Serious FOMO Concerns About an Indian Taco Bell

Reddit Indian Taco Bell
Reddit Indian Taco Bell

Reddit: No matter where you travel, it’s simple to see fast food establishments as exact replicas of one another. It’s so terrible that Digg even published an expos√© on why fast food establishments are becoming to resemble one another. The identical golden arches, Big Mac meal deals, and #1-ranked fast food french fries are available at practically every McDonald’s in the western world.

This holds true for practically every other fast food chain, including Burger King, Del Taco, Five Guys, and others. Each will have a distinctive logo and the greatest hits available for ordering from the menu.

The only place where fast food restaurants start to change is outside of the United States. You can visit Europe to see what Vincent Vega meant when he said, “It’s the little differences,” in reference to differences between Europe and the United States. You’ll quickly see the differences aren’t as little if you go on.

Naturally, the Reddit user who found themselves in Hyderabad, India, headed to Taco Bell. Even though Mexico and India are geographically quite far apart, tacos are still delicious. The cuisine wasn’t as pricey as it is in the west, and it just didn’t look the same.

Indian Taco Bell

India’s Taco Bells display inexpensive costs and an interesting appearance.

In a scene from the movie “Demolition Man,” the main character, John Spartan, travels to a posh dinner after being awakened in the far future. This meal is being served at a Taco Bell. They dine there since Taco Bell was the only restaurant to escape the franchise wars, according to Sandra Bullock’s character. Spartan is welcomed by a sleek, upmarket, and modern eatery when he arrives at the Taco Bell of the future. It appears that the Taco Bell in Hyderabad, India may have been modelled by this fantastical Taco Bell.

Many commenters wished they could visit the Indian Taco Bell after seeing it posted on Reddit. One of the main driving forces was price. The highest-ranking responder remarked, “It’s astonishing how much cheaper fast food is in other nations. They continued, “I visited a Taco Bell in Costa Rica, and it tasted far superior to an American Taco Bell.”

Indian Taco Bell

Although the image depicts a sign listing a few menu items and their prices, a few folks provided some additional pricing comparisons. “For 300 rupees, I purchased a sizable non-vegetarian bell box. One person stated, “That’s like 3.75 USD,” while another person retorted, “That’s like.. 90s prices.”

Indeed, it appears that a dollar goes a lot further in India than it does in the US, albeit it might be useful to understand why Taco Bell is so inexpensive.


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