Elias O. Baquerovd, a well-known journalist, recently passed Away

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Who was Elias O. Baquerovd’s murderer? Journalist and Broadcaster from Cebu Media Died.

A seasoned broadcaster and journalist from Cebu Media has passed away: Recently, well-known journalist Elias O. Baquerovd passed away. On the web, this was reported. He passed away on Saturday, and is no longer with his friends and family. For the most recent developments, visit ComingSoonNews.com

The information was just released online and swiftly disseminated across social media platforms. His untimely passing has shocked his friends and family, and a lot of people have been discussing it on social media. Elias O. Baquero and what is currently occurring to him are topics of great interest to the public.

What caused Elias O. Baquerovd to pass away?

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One of the best persons in the media was Elias O. Baquero. He provided commentary for the Yagyagan programme. As a seasoned newsreader in Cebu and a former mayor of Balilihan, Bohol, he was also well-known.

He was selected to serve as the Rotary Club of Cebu East’s new Press. He was a wonderful person, and his best work won him a lot of admiration. He was a really sweet man who constantly helped others, therefore people will miss him.


Elias O. Baquerovd: Who Was He?

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Elias O. Baquerovd, a well-known experienced broadcast journalist, reportedly passed away recently, according to the news. He passed away on Saturday, January 14, 2023. His death was announced this morning on social media by Aksyon Radyo Cebu.

Many individuals were curious about his fate after his death was posted online. So, a heart attack caused his death.

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As far as we know, his family has confirmed the information. He was discovered to be ignoring CR. When he arrived at a hospital in the Visayas, doctors were unable to revive him and declared him dead. Additionally, Mr. Elias has served as the mayor of Balilihan, Bohol.

The DYRC team is saddened by his untimely passing and asks that everyone pray for his grieving family. Many people have expressed their sympathies to his family and paid tribute to him on social media since the news began to circulate online.

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