Realme’s foldable phone might take some time to become available


Realme has been attempting to diversify its product line over the past few years.

A new foldable smartphone model was said to be one of the new goods.

The company’s new device with a flexible display, according to a recent report, may not be available any time soon.

The information was revealed in a TechRadar article that featured an in-depth interview with Realme’s product manager Shreehari. The CEO went over the different technical aspects of a smartphone’s vapour cooling mechanism. He also stated that a team within the business is tasked with considering the possibility of unveiling a brand-new foldable smartphone.

The official did not, however, provide a particular release date for this foldable phone. It won’t probably launch any time soon, in other words. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has already branched out beyond just smartphones, launching smart TVs, tablets, audio accessories, laptops, Internet of Things products, and more. However, despite its efforts to grow, the company thinks that its consumer base might not want a foldable smartphone.

Realme’s “consumers are really distinct from other brands, and their requirements are different too,” says Shreehari. Additionally, he said that the target market for smartphones with flexible displays would not be served by such devices. Even though the Realme foldable smartphone’s arrival is still not guaranteed, we cannot entirely rule it out.


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