The Supreme Court of India concluded that Fantasy sports were “games of skill” in a ruling from the previous year

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In India, the Play Store now offers apps for fantasy sports and rummy.

In spite of Google’s stance on fantasy sports, thousands of businesses have successfully expanded into impressively sizable corporations around the country. These businesses service tens of millions of consumers in India through their Android applications, which users previously had to manually download and install from their websites.

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Google Play, their android app store, will run a short-term application-only test to allow DFS and rummy cash game apps from companies based in India to be distributed to clients on Google Play in India, according to a blog post from Google. Google declared on September 8th, 2022, that they are operating this programme to facilitate the distribution of these apps in order to deliver a secure and satisfying user experience. The breadth of the online gaming sector could potentially grow as a result of this development.

As a result of numerous requests from Indian companies, who have long expressed anger at Google for failing to recognise such apps on its store in the second-largest market on the planet while those are instead permitted in many other locations around the world, Google wants to start this programme to enable DFS apps and rummy cash games on their Play Store in India. Companies with Indian incorporations that are interested in taking part in the trial programme must submit an application, according to the company’s support website.

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Google is constantly looking for fresh methods for regional developers to start successful businesses and offer gratifying services on Google Play. Through this pilot initiative, they are taking a careful approach that will allow them to learn from their mistakes and continue to provide their clients with an enjoyable and secure experience.

Google has long imposed a stringent ban on daily fantasy Sports gaming apps, in part because it thinks that many unskilled internet users waste time trying to comprehend the intricacies of these programmes. Up to this point, Google has demonstrated its stern stance against these kinds of applications.

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Industry associations that represent fantasy sports operators have been at odds with Google for years over the Play Store’s acceptance of their applications, frequently contesting the company’s legality of its presumptions. While fantasy sports and rummy are legal in much of India, some governments have banned them. The Supreme Court of India concluded that fantasy sports were “games of skill” in a ruling from the previous year. The format is therefore “legal,” according to the ruling.

In India, the Play Store now offers apps for fantasy sports and rummy.

Important Guidelines That Must Be Obeyed:

  • The participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Since the addresses were recorded accurately, the state should permit daily fantasy sports.
  • For tax-related purposes, the bank details and PAN have been entered.

What effect will this change have?

Applications for real money gaming (RMG), which collectively comprise DFS and online rummy cash game apps, are a growing market in the country. Google has been hesitant to make them available on its official app store because to the dangers and uncertainty associated with the financial aspects.

Nevertheless, this industry grew in size and appeal despite having an estimated 150 million gamers. Due to Indian players’ strong propensity to pay for games when there is a financial incentive, such as card games and online fantasy sports, real money gaming has seen enormous growth in recent years.

Despite the fact that some governments, such those in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, have banned these games with real money, the sector is still growing and is becoming more prevalent in Tier II and Tier III areas. Google’s move will benefit both customers and developers greatly.

In order to overcome the regulatory ambiguity in this market, the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) mandates that all companies that offer these games be either incorporated/registered in India or have a physical presence there.

Users will only be allowed to play pay-to-play game forms in India in the states where certain game formats are permitted by law. Pay-to-play member game forms will not be made available to or directed at anybody under the age of 18.

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