15% off the Oukitel WP19 Rugged Phone’s large 21000mAh battery is currently available on Amazon US


On its most recent WP 19 rugged phone, Oukitel is offering an amazing discount. With a gigantic 21000mAh battery, the smartphone is noted for being the first biggest battery tough phone in the world. It is currently discounted by 15% only on Amazon US.

As a result, the phone, which usually sells for $449, is now only $382.49. Note that this agreement expires on October 9, 2022.

Oukitel WP 19

The enormous battery capacity of the Oukitel WP19 is one of its most striking characteristics. The phone has a giant 21000mAh battery, which is up to four times as large as the typical phone battery (5000mAh). With its large battery, the phone can run for seven days on a single charge, and with its 33W fast charger, it can be charged from zero to eighty percent in just three hours.

Battery Power

Additionally, the phone can be quickly turned into a little power bank thanks to the reverse charging feature. With its enormous 21000mAh battery, which can power your phone for a week in the wilderness, WP19 is the ideal travel companion for adventure seekers and globetrotters.

The 6.79″ FHD+ display on the Oukitel WP19 has 397 pixels per inch (PPI) and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The phone has a MediaTek Helio G95 chipset and 8GB RAM in addition to 256GB of internal storage. It maintains its industrial toughness with certifications for IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H, making it ideal for severe and extreme outdoor conditions. Other intriguing features include customizable keys, NFC Google Pay, fingerprint and facial ID, etc.


The phone has a 64MP SAMSUNG main camera and a 20MP SONY IMX350 night vision sensor, allowing you to take clear pictures even in complete darkness. Additionally, the WP19’s 4 infrared radiation emitters at the back greatly increase the viewing range to a maximum of 20 metres, making it ideal for wildlife photography. Additionally, a night vision camera allows you to spot movement in the dark, shielding you from potential outdoor risks.

Oukitel Design

Only on Amazon US is it currently possible to get the Oukitel WP 19 rugged phone at a discounted price of $382.49. The agreement expires on October 9, 2022. Therefore, place your order before the promotion ends.

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