OPPO recently launched OHealth H1 and OPPO Air Glass 2 as part of its OPPO Inno Day 2022 Celebration

OPPO OHealth H1 has six built-in family-friendly health data monitoring capabilities.

Oppo recently launched a new conference titled “Empower a Better Future” as part of its Oppo Inno Day 2022 festivities. It is an important occasion for the corporation, during which it also showcases its latest innovations in consumer technologies and other things.

OHealth H1 is one of these newly released gadgets that was created to raise the standard of living through smarter and better living. As per the official note, the OHealth H1 is the company’s first offering under the OHealth sub-brand and is a smart family health monitoring gadget. OPPO Health Lab, which was established last year as part of its mission to support consumers in leading healthy lifestyles, produced the device.

O Health H1

The OHealth H1 is a family-friendly health monitor with six built-in features for tracking health data. Several bio-monitoring features are built into this gadget, including blood oxygen mapping, ECG, heart and lung auscultation, heart rate tracking, body temperature monitoring and even sleep mapping. Thanks to its high accuracy sensors and algorithms for entire families, the Chinese smartphone maker has been able to introduce these features on the OHealth H1.

The device weighs around 95 grams and has all these capabilities and sensors. The Oppo OHealth H1 has an overall thick circular shape with rounded edges. The smart family health monitoring device is portable and easy to use as users go about their daily activities.

Light and strong smart glasses with great features: Oppo Air Glass 2

Oppo Inno Day 2022, the company’s annual tech event, was streamed online. The new initiatives, built as part of OPPO’s four smart initiatives, including Smart Entertainment, Smart Productivity, Smart Health and Smart Learning, were unveiled during the event with the theme “Empowering a Better Future”. Oppo Air Glass 2 was one of the innovations unveiled during the occasion.

At OPPO Inno Day 2022, new innovations were introduced, such as the OPPO Air Glass 2.

The Oppo Air Glass 2 debuted at Oppo’s annual technology fest, Oppo Inno Day 2022. Weighing only 38 grams, the Air Glass 2 is a portable and reliable Augmented Reality (AR) device. The glasses are practically indistinguishable from normal glasses and support image correction and personalization options.

OppO Air Glass

Users of the Air Glass 2 can access location-based navigation services, make phone calls and perform real-time translation. It can also be used by people with hearing loss to translate voice into text.

After the Oppo Air Glass was introduced in December last year, the Air Glass 2 was released. The original Air Glass used a monocular splitting solution and had a frame that could be adapted to fit various optical lenses. The primary body is less than 30 grams in weight, and the lens is less than 1.3mm thick.

Using thin and light diffractive waveguide technology, the lens produces an average brightness of 1,400 nits, which is eye-catching. Additionally, a silicon-based Micro LED display with a single 4-micron-wide pixel and 3 million-nit maximum brightness is used.

With a portable charging base, the Air Glass powered by the Snapdragon 4100 Wearable Device Platform can last up to 10.5 hours of battery life. In terms of specific features, the Air Glass enables real-time translation, speech dictation, weather reminders, timetable reminders, and walking and cycling navigation.

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