The Amazfit Falcon, the newest smartwatch from Amazfit, was just unveiled. Since this is the company’s first rugged wristwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra is the obvious comparison.

A new accomplishment for the Chinese company is the Amazfit Falcon. It is the most expensive watch the brand has ever produced, and because of its many features and high build quality, it is the ideal accessory for sportsmen.

The Amazfit Falcon is the firm’s most durable timepiece to date.

The new Amazfit Falcon’s build quality is without a doubt one of its strengths. This variant sports a sapphire crystal screen glass and an aeronautical-grade titanium casing for increased robustness.

The Amazfit Falcon, as stated by the company in the presentation, is durable enough to pass 15 military-standard tests. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brand of this product picked the tagline “breaking bounds”.

This is the watch that sportsmen should wear.

Sport is Amazfit Falcon’s primary area of interest. This product has a lot of features designed specifically for this market that many of its more well-known rivals lack.


For instance, this promises to be the smart watch that gym-goers can take with them. All due to the Amazfit Falcon’s inclusion of a number of features created especially for this target market.

Your new watch will be able to automatically track various strength exercises, according to Amazfit. It will essentially keep track of all repetitions, sets, and even the rest intervals between sets.

Falcon will provide its users with a number of exercise recommendations via Zeep Coach. With the help of an AI programme, individual exercises will be advised for each user, and you’ll even be able to determine when someone is exercising excessively and suggest rest days.

The Amazfit Falcon will support more than 150 exercise modalities, such as kitesurfing, golf, and triathlon, for those who enjoy working out abroad. The watch can be submerged up to 200 metres deep thanks to its 20 ATM certification.

Dual-band GPS availability assures consumers more precise tracking and real-time navigation. Users will be able to import routes using the Zeep app. In order to leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run, it also contains internal storage where you may put your favourite songs.

This watch provides continuous monitoring of health-related variables like heart rate, sleep, oximetry, and stress levels. Typical characteristics of this wrist product market.

The Amazfit Falcon has a lot of functions, and those who are interested in it will be happy to learn that it has an estimated autonomy of up to 14 days under typical use or 7 days under intensive use. Its 500 mAh battery is responsible for all of this.

Last but not least, it is crucial to let you know that the Amazfit Falcon will cost US$ 499.99. This brand’s price is out of the ordinary, but with the variety of features and resistance provided, it represents a very compelling value.


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