Obadiah Moyo’s daughter SHASHL and DJ Level’s Bedroom Video goes Viral on Social Media.

Obadiah Moyo, Shashl’s father, served as Zimbabwe’s minister of health and education. The virality of their video and a photo of DJ Levels in his bedroom has some people wondering if the ex-couples are also well-known in one other’s films.

An upset Shashl claimed that Levels went viral in their bedroom as retaliation in a statement that was made public after the video was published. She claims. After she told him she wanted to end their relationship, Levels played the recording.

Video Of Obadiah Moyo’s Daughter Shashl That Has Gone Viral

A local singer who was already well-known became well-known after posting a private video online. The video at the centre of this story has been taken down by social media networks, but many people have linked to it, and some unlicensed websites are still disseminating it despite the fact that this story is currently trending. It’s no secret that when anything “goes viral” on social media, interest and engagement soar.

This kind of stuff is exemplified by the recently famous NSFW movie, which some have even speculated may be a s*x tape starring two well-known Zimbabweans. In real life, the female information is the daughter of a former national minister, and the male lead is DJ Levels, a well-known music producer.

Hip-hop singer Shashl and well-known music producer DJ Levels, real name Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, are embroiled in a maelstrom of controversy.

Shashl and Obadiah Moyo Are in the Newest DJ Levels Video Shashl, the daughter of a former minister, attracted public attention after a lewd video and several unflattering photos of her surfaced online.


Because of this, the people of Zimbabwe went mad and started tormenting the couple, especially the song producer who is held accountable for casting the actors. Levels himself had, as we already stated, disappeared from the reports. There are rumours, though, that he has disappeared after offering an apology.

The music producer claimed in his statement that someone stole his phone and posted these videos and pictures online. Both the well-known hip-hop artist and the music producer are made fun of. All Shashl did in her interview with the State-owned media outlet was provide her side of the story and charge Dj Levels with using a casting couch.

She alleges that she was forced to engage in s*xual encounters with the music producer. Following this claim, Tafadzwa has come under more investigation, and his situation is swiftly getting worse.

The hip-hop performer and singer went on to deny DJ Levels’ assertions that his phone had been taken and that he had shared films and images of himself and her online. He was accused by her of disclosing their s*x tape.

The singer provided additional details, stating, “It all started on social media when netizens started claiming Shashl and Levels were dating, but that is not true; we have never dated. He eventually starts shoving me into tight corners. He promised Shashl that until she changed her mind, he would never record her song again.

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