Now that iOS 16 is out for over 18 different iPhone models, users are griping about minor problems.

At 10.30 IST, the iOS 16 update was meant to roll out to all eligible iPhone models, but it was delayed and later discovered to have certain issues.

On Monday, Apple finally released iOS 16, giving more than five different iPhone generations a fresh start. While the new iPhone software adds a number of features, the new configurable lock screen stands out and may be everyone’s favourite.

The lock screen can now use a variety of new dynamic wallpapers that interact with the passing of time, your portrait-oriented images that obscure some of the time below, and various filters to add aesthetic flair to any wallpaper. For iPhone users who have waited so long, that is undoubtedly amazing, however other people had a negative experience.


The iOS 16 upgrade was meant to go out to all eligible iPhone models at 10.30 pm IST, however there was a delay that temporarily cut off concerned customers. After some time, the update started to roll out to customers, although some users reported that even on a broadband connection with 300Mbps speed, the update was taking up to two hours to download. But as customers started using iOS 16, these were just the start of additional irksome issues.

Numerous bugs

Users of iPhones reported a number of glitches as soon as they updated the newest iOS 16 upgrade. Some Twitter users said that the Terms of Service agreement screen would not let them proceed to the following screen, instead displaying the warning “There was an error. Some consumers reported that after installing iOS 16, they were unable to update their iPhone apps from the App Store. However, for other people, these problems went away after a restart.

Although Apple hasn’t publicly confirmed the problems, the Apple Support account on Twitter responded to a user by confirming the problems and stating that a remedy was being developed.

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