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There is no Indian manufacturer of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

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In India, Apple began producing the iPhone 14 in September of this year.

Yesterday, a picture that appeared to show that the iPhone 14 Pro Max was also made in India was circulated by some Chinese and Indian tipsters. According to sources consulted by ComingSoonNews, Apple does not produce the iPhone 14 Pro Max in India. The news is therefore false.

Yesterday, a photograph of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s retail packaging started circulating online. There have been reports that Apple has begun producing the iPhone 14 Pro Max in India as the retail packaging stated that it was “Assembled in India.” We now know that Apple does not produce the Pro versions of the iPhone 14 series in India.

As a result, the business does not offer the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max anyplace in the globe with the inscription “Assembled in India.”

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Apple is reportedly lessening its reliance on China for product production, according to sources. The firm issued a formal statement last month that said, “The new iPhone 14 series features game-changing new technologies and significant safety capabilities. We’re thrilled to be producing the iPhone 14 in India. The Foxconn factory in India, which is close to Chennai, produces the iPhone 14 variants for both the Indian market and exports.

“Fake image” state iPhone 14 Pro Max is being assembled in India

A new JP Morgan estimate predicts that India would produce 5% of the total amount of iPhone 14 units. Additionally, it predicted that by 2025, 25% of all Apple products would be produced somewhere other than China. So it appears that China will continue to play a significant role in Apple’s production plan for at least the foreseeable future.

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