Louise Roberts’ former pupils have tried to get in touch with her on Social Media

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Louise Roberts is not interested in her students seeing her as a model. She doesn’t want anyone who has trained her in the past to be able to tell who she is. “I quit teaching to launch, but I still have to ban ex-students,” she explained to me.

Many teachers decided to change their occupations during the influenza epidemic, including Louise Roberts. They made the decision to use their expertise online behind a paywall rather than in the classroom.

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Louise decided to abandon her profession as a math teacher after nearly 40 years in the field and concentrate solely on her career as a fitness model. Both Louise Roberts’ Instagram and TikTok accounts currently have more than 185,000 and 254,000 followers, respectively.

Louise Roberts: Who is she?

This will be very advantageous for Louise, who has over two million TikTok subscribers and another 186,000 on Instagram. Her substantial social media following helped her earn more than $560,000 after she stopped teaching.

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Louise Roberts is aware that former students might attempt to steal her content if they learn that it was written with her in mind. A former teacher who went on to become a model, Belinda, forewarned that some of her former students might visit her on the website and attempt to take a photo of her for their friends.

I’d probably get too emotionally involved in the situation and then lose interest. This could involve maintaining my way of life while making a living. She no longer meets the requirements to be a teacher because she has discovered her true calling.

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Some of Louise Roberts’ former pupils have tried to get in touch with her on social media. However, this does not negate the negative aspects of changing careers. Actually, Louise acknowledged in a recent interview that several of her former students had accessed her social media accounts and sent her messages. She is concerned about anyone who discovers her and keeps one of the former classmates from doing the same.

She stated that several of her former classmates are among her Instagram followers. They are shocked and amazed by how healthy she appears when they first see her. She makes no effort to address their complaint.

Many individuals, according to Alice, are interested in the news. She used an instance when Miss Roberts appeared to support her claim. I was forced to remove my contacts right away. I had to be careful when I first started because of this.

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