Mew is who? Why was Mew’s Twitch account suspended by Faze?

Kerry “Mew,” a Twitch streamer, is accused of sxu@l abse, and his followers are furious and critical of him. His friends and family no longer appreciate him as they once did since it all started on November 24.

He is perplexed and upset by this. Astro is said to be the person who was s*xually assaulted, and he was also expelled from the platform for an unkown period of time as a result of the allegations.

We are investigating the situation and taking the accusations against Mew seriously. WHILE WE COLLECT INFORMATION TO DETERMINE FUTURE ACTION, WE HAVE MUTUALLY AGREED TO AN INDEFINITE SUSPENSION.

The Twitch streamer was charged with sexual assault by AshtroNova.She created a 3,400-word letter about the actions of the primary and posted it online. She desires to appear in court. She believes he committed a terrible act at his home. Before he did something that she will never forget, she trusted him. He offered to buy us drinks because he was so kind to us. The fact that some Chats were also accessible to the general public added to the tension. Mew lost his sponsors and promotions as a result of being removed from the stage.

Kerry “Mew,” a Twitch streamer, is accused of sxu@l abse, and his followers are furious and critical of him.

Additionally, he is defending himself and discussing the applications on Twitter. He won’t behave properly in front of anyone and will demonstrate his sincerity and innocence. She claims she was drunk, but Astro appears to have given her permission to engage in s*xual activity.

This case completely ruins the life of a social media influencer, and similar cases have ended in the worst possible ways. They should exercise extreme caution when posting and sharing content on social media.

The people who create content for social media are attempting to convince one another that Katie is guilty even though the police haven’t yet opened an investigation. The conversations they are having serve as evidence for this. Both parties were saddened by the news, and the tensness will increase over the next few days.

But they have totally captured the spotlight. They both used to get along, but after a fight, they no longer like one another. In court, they will square off against one another.

For young people, popularity and fame can be extremely dangerous because they are ill-equipped to handle them and are unaware of their personal value. Because so many young people use social media, this shouldn’t be posted there.

Mew:- Some people use these things as inspiration and go on to do or copy the same thing, which is bad for their mental health. In the long run, we hope that everything will work out. They shouldn’t ruin their lives because they are both still young.

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