The Mario movie trailer depicts a curse just as anticipated.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer from Nintendo and Chris Pratt’s incredibly everyday Mario voice are now both available to the public. A recent leak of a Mario movie calendar by a purported McDonald’s employee on the ConnorEatsPans Discord appears to be confirmed by the initial glance, even though it didn’t explain why everyone’s favourite Italian plumber lost his ass. That suggests that we may now have a fairly accurate perception of Princess Peach’s appearance. This is why.

Mushroom Kingdom

When Nintendo previewed this week’s Direct along with a poster for the film, we got our first glance at what the movie might look like. In addition to the Mushroom Kingdom and other Toads, it prominently featured Mario—but only his posterior. Then, yesterday, a picture of Mario’s real face as it will reportedly appear on screen was leaked. It didn’t look quite right yet appeared too bizarre to be phoney at the same time.Follow me More Updates On Coming Soon News !!!

What caused the leak to occur?

Please bear with me now. A Twitch streamer by the name of ConnorEatsPants has his own Discord server. The promotional artwork was purportedly put in the channel by someone posing as a McDonald’s employee. Bob said, “Yo, I work at Maccas right” (friend of god). After ConnorEatsPants posted it on Twitter, admirers flocked to examine the artwork. Many people thought it was too intricate to have been created in Photoshop in a few of hours, and we now know they were correct.

Wait, what does Connor eat?

ConnorEatsPants is a well-known Twitch broadcaster who first gained popularity by playing in Minecraft tournaments. These days, he streams everything from Valorant to Nintendo games. He doesn’t eat underwear. This is a reference to the iCarly episode where Mr. Howard, the teacher, loses it when someone writes On the dry-erase board, it reads, “Mr. Howard eats underpants. People publish all kinds of things on his Discord server, including McDonald’s leaks.

Princess Peach can be seen in the leak.

It turns out that the image of Mario’s face that ConnorEatsPants leaked originally came from a much larger piece of promotional artwork for a Super Mario Bros. Movie calendar.

Princess Peach

Most significantly, Princess Peach’s face is likewise depicted, and she too appears to be somewhat imprisoned in the uncanny valley. She has been compared by some to a Disney princess. Most people concur that she appears incredibly healthy, perhaps even too healthy to co-star with Chris Pratt in a Mario movie (Princess Peach will be voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy).

What does this all imply?

First off, everyone is eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s release of the remaining members of the film’s legendary cast. Imagine what Donkey Kong may look like if Mario’s moustache was as intricately detailed as his is, what with the individual hairs and the way the light passes through those thick, brown threads. Will his ass also vanish? Additionally, Luigi was only briefly visible in the official teaser. Will Charlie Day’s portrayal have the same lack of drama as Pratt’s?


Illumination, the animation studio responsible for the Despicable Me film series, created the Super Mario Bros. Movie. However, there’s something nearly hyper-realistic going on, similar to when fans attempt to recreate the series in ultra-high resolution Unreal Engine demonstrations, rather than taking the Minion way and preserving Mario’s cartoony CGI aesthetic from the most recent games.

However, this most likely indicates that McDonald’s will continue to leak information in the months leading up to the April 7, 2023 premiere date. However, don’t bother the staff members because they have already endured enough.


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