After Trying for “a Decade,” 44-year-old Maria Menounos is Expecting her First Child

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Maria Menounos will soon become a mother!

The 44-year-vintage TV anchor and her husband Keven Undergaro are waiting for their first child, a consultant for the pair solely confirms to PEOPLE.

The expectant mother tells PEOPLE, “Just after a decade of trying everything, we are very grateful to the gorgeous family helping us conceive our kid. “We are all so eager for this soul to enter our lives—Keven, my dad, and I. What a relief.”

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Maria Menounos, who labored for Family Match Consulting, additionally launched a touching film wherein she sits subsequent to her father, Constantinos, and watches an ultrasound video.

Maria Menounos, who is in the video with her father, exclaims, “Oh my God.” “That’s my child, guys. I cherish you.”

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The ultrasound may be visible withinside the mirrored image whilst some other character viewing the video holds up their telecellsmartphone to take a picture.

When you view the reel, it’s completely different, she observes. “Seeing it in the womb makes it more personal, right?”

Menounos Provide Updates ComingSoonNews
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Maria Menounos provided an update on the couple’s efforts to conceive in February of last year; the topic had previously been brought up in public.

“I certainly didn’t anticipate it taking this long. Years have passed. We’ve employed several businesses and individuals, “the TV host, who started her IVF treatments in 2012, stated. “The procedure has just been extremely frustrating,”

Maria Menounos and Undergaro, both 55, first started thinking about surrogacy in 2018 and sought counsel from their friend Kim Kardashian, who used surrogates to deliver her children Psalm in May 2019 and daughter Chicago in January 2018.

Maria Menounos added, “I was grateful that I had someone to share and support me,” adding that she and Undergrow were devastated to find in 2021 that their first surrogate was no longer a medical match.

“We had been travelling together for about two years, so that was an extremely difficult breakup. She was incredibly sweet, fantastic, and patient with us “Menounos said.

We only have two really good embryos, but we want two children, so my fertility doctor offered something called a mock cycle, she continued. “The uterine lining wouldn’t reach the last stage necessary for safe implantation and assurance that the embryo would adhere. Without [a mock cycle], we would have likely lost our only opportunities.”

She revealed the couple had found a new surrogate and was “in the thick of all that” at the time.

“But I also said, “If it doesn’t work, I’m done,” to my doctors. The last straw is this. It’s definitely not meant to be if this doesn’t happen. I cannot go through this procedure once again “She opened up honestly.

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