With 44 million units, “Make in India” smartphones have a 16 percent market share; Oppo is the market leader

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According to a recent report, “Make in India” smartphone shipments increased 16% year over year to 44 million devices in the first quarter of this fiscal year, meeting the requirements for the performance-linked incentive (PLI) scheme.

The Indian government’s promotion of various PLI programmes has been successful, and according to Counterpoint Research, “we saw increasing local manufacturing share in product sectors like wristwatch, TWS, neckband, and tablet.”

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With a 24 percent market share, OPPO topped the “Make in India” smartphone shipments, followed by Samsung and Vivo.

Lava had a 21 percent market share for feature phone shipments.

The Vihaan programme, under which OPPO wants to invest $60 million over the course of five years to strengthen the local supply chain, was just recently launched. With the premium smartphone market, particularly the Galaxy S series, Samsung has upped its production, according to senior research analyst Prachir Singh.

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In-house manufacturing accounted for about 66 percent of all “Make in India” shipments in the smartphone market in the June quarter, with the remaining 34% of sales coming from third-party EMS (electronics manufacturing services) providers.


Bharat FIH, Dixon, and DBG were the top players among third-party EMS participants throughout the quarter.

In terms of shipments, Padget Electronics (396 percent YoY), Wistron (137 percent YoY), and Lava (110 percent YoY) produced the most smartphones during the quarter.

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“PLI incentives may also be given during Q3 2022,” the report continued, “which will further boost attitudes for local production.”

With a share of more than 75%, Optiemus dominates smartwatch shipments from India.

TWS dominated domestic manufacture in the wearable market with a 16 percent share, followed by neckbands and smartwatches.

The top three manufacturers according to TWS are Optiemus, Bharat FIH, and Padget.

VVDN and Mivi account for 90% of the ‘Make in India’ shipments in the neckband category.
In the tablet market, Wingtech, Samsung, and Dixon are the leading companies, while Dixon, Radiant, Samsung, and LG control 50% of the TV market.

“In the next four to five years, the government wants to turn India into a centre for the manufacture of electronics. The government increased the total investment to $936.2 million in its most recent budget to support more initiatives under the “Make in India” and “Digital India” themes, according to research analyst Priya Joseph.


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