Launched TCL Q10G Mini LED TV with 98-inch 4K display and 120Hz refresh rate


A 98-inch model of TCL’s Q10G line of Mini LED TVs has been added. The 4K display of the TCL Q10G Mini LED TV has a high refresh rate of 120Hz. TCL introduced the 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″ Q10G Mini LED TVs in May of this year.

The Q10G 98-inch variant will be available for pre-order starting on September 27, according to TCL.

The 59 driver chips that independently operate the 672 partitions in the 98-inch TCL Q10G Mini LED TV. The Q10G series’ older variants used between 240 and 448 partitions.

The large Q10G Mini LED TV boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 16 million: 1 and a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits. The Q10G 98″ TV contains an M1 quad-core CPU and a 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut. Along with 128GB of flash storage, it has 4GB of memory.

The Q10G 98-inch TV’s audio system comprises of a 2.1-channel Onkyo audio with 50W of power and seven independent speaker units. The TV has a single digital audio input port, three HDMI 2.1 connectors, two USB ports, one AV input port, one network LAN port, one RF antenna port, and support for Dolby Atmos. In China, pre-orders for the TCL Q10G 98-inch Mini LED TV begin at 21,999 yuan ($3,065).


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