Launched in India is the Stuffcool Neo 67W GaN Charger with Two USB-C Connectors

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Today, Stuffcool added the newest model to their lineup of wall chargers. A Neo 67W GaN charging brick has been introduced by the domestic accessories manufacturer. It complements the Neo 45W, which was also unveiled in May of this year. The newest product is reportedly the smallest 67W GaN charger with twin Type-C connectors available in India.

According to reports, Stuffcool is the first Indian company to adopt the PowiGaN technology developed by Power Integration, which is also used by Apple, Samsung, and Anker. Continue reading to learn what the wall charger comes with by default.

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The Stuffcool Neo 67W GaN charger is compact and has dimensions of 41 mm, 31 mm, and 56 mm. It has a pin with a 5mm diameter allegedly made for Indian outlet plugs. The Bureau of Indian Standards has given the charger its approval. Two USB-C ports and an LED indicator are located on the auxiliary device. The charger has a clever safety design that safeguards both you and your device.

The Stuffcool Neo 67W GaN charger can produce 67W charging speed from each of its two ports at once, which brings us to the essential features.

The MacBook Air M2 is supposed to charge quickly—to 50%—in just 30 minutes. The gadget has Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0, which can supply the S22 Ultra with 45W of juice, and the PPS protocol. The charger offers 20W speed through one port and 47W speed through another port while charging two devices at once.

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The Nintendo Switch and top-tier smartphones are just a few of the devices that the Neo 67W can fast charge.

Priced at Rs 4,499, the Stuffcool Neo 67W GaN charger is available via the company’s official website as well as retail locations all around the nation.

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