Launched for 6,999 yuan ($993) is the TCL Twin Cabin Q10 washing machine with ion soft drying

TCL Twin Cabin
TCL Twin Cabin

The TCL Twin Cabin Q10 washing machine from TCL features a 6 kilogramme top drum with ion soft drying technology for superior clothing care.

The brand-new TCL washing machine has the capacity to dry clothes constantly. It has two Nidec direct-drive variable frequency motors, which have outstanding noise reduction and smooth operation.

The TCL twin cabin washing machine has a double-drum duplex arrangement on the upper and lower drums. It is advertised as the largest upper cylinder in a washing machine in the entire world. The washing machine has 510mm-diameter cylinders on both, and its maximum noise level is 45dB. The lower drum’s built-in ion generator may produce a significant amount of ion wind to make the garments fluffy and orderly.

At the entrance of the washing machine are touch controls. Users can select from more than 20 professional washing options and different fabric kinds on the touch-sensitive, colourful screen. The mobile phone app, which offers more cloud-based washing possibilities, can also be used to control the smart washing machine.


Based on a 1,000-yuan (about $142) consumption experience discount, the TCL Twin Cabin Q10 is available for an introductory price of 6,999 yuan ($993). Only at the device’s initial launch is this offer available.

After then, it will cost 14,999 yuan ($2,128) again, which was the original price. The device is available for purchase in China on retail websites like Details regarding the global availability are not yet available.


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