Launch of Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker and Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro

In addition to the Nokia X30 5G, G60 5G, C31 smartphones, and T21 tablet, Nokia introduced a plethora of other goods yesterday. The 3.5mm audio jack is present in the Nokia C31 and T21 slates, but not on the Nokia X30 or C60. The business also unveiled two new wireless audio gadgets as compensation.

With hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and Fast Pair, the Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro is a TWS headset. 13mm neodymium drivers are in the earbuds. The packaging is composed of recycled materials, while the case is constructed entirely of post-consumer recycled materials.

The pair can each play for up to 7 hours when ANC is on. The playtime can be extended to nine hours when ANC is disabled. With the charging case, however, the overall playback time is 28 hours with ANC turned on and 36 hours without. The 60mAh battery in the earbuds must be fully recharged over the course of about two hours using a USB-C connector on the charging case, which includes a 500mAh battery.
On the other hand, the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2 supports Bluetooth 5.1 and enables concurrent pairing with two devices for stereo playback.
It’s a small speaker with an IPX7 rating, and it’s also environmentally friendly because the mesh is totally made of recycled aluminium and the shell is entirely composed of post-consumer waste.

A single 5W (45mm) driver and a 1,200mAh battery in the speaker enable 22 hours of nonstop listening. For charging, USB-C is used. The speaker measures 90 by 90 by 74mm and weighs 225g.

Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro and Portable Wireless Speaker 2 will be offered in a few markets later this month. The speaker will cost €55 ($55/4,400), while the earbuds will cost €100 ($100/8,000).

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